Penne Rigate pasta

This is pasta the way Italians like it. Made from 100% Italian durum wheat for a firm bite. Our pasta is made with a bronze mould, which ensures a rough surface and therefore good adhesion between pasta and sauce. The packaging is 100% paper, so it can be recycled with the waste paper.

The pasta type Penne rigate goes well with hearty sauces, such as a ragu or
chunky tomato sauces.

Bertolli was founded in 1865 in Lucca, Tuscany. Francesco Bertolli and his wife Caterina opened a delicacy shop after which they started exporting Italian products to Italian migrants around the world. To this day, Bertolli aims to make all the good things from authentic, simple and delicious Italian cuisine available to everyone.

100% Italian Durum wheat
Made with a bronze mould, for optimal adhesion of the sauce
100% recyclable packaging

per 100 gram

Energy1509 kJ (356 kcal)
Protein14 g
Carbohydrates70 g
Sugar2,5 g
Fibre3,2 g
Fat1,5 g
Saturated fat0,3 g
Salt0 g

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Recipes for Penne Rigate pasta

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