According to authentic recipes

Every region, town and village has its own specialities, but the most well-known pesto is a traditional sauce from Liguria. In fact, its name – pesto Genovese – comes from the town, Genoa, where it was first made.

Pesto comes from the word ‘pestare’, which means to pound or crush. It refers to the traditional method of crushing the pesto with a pestle, in other words, ‘pounded with a pestle’. Nowadays, we can use a kitchen machine to help us, but if you have the time to make pesto yourself, use a mortar and pestle to make it more aromatic.

Above, we spoke specifically of green pesto, but there are many more versions, and they all taste just as good. So, why not experiment with, for example, our pesto rosso made with sun-dried tomatoes packaging.