Pesto alla Genovese

Every region, city and village has its own specialities, but the most famous pesto is a traditional sauce from Liguria. Its name, pesto Genovese, is therefore named after the city it comes from Genoa. Our Pesto alla Genovese is based on it.

Pesto comes from the word ‘pestare’ meaning pounding. This refers to the traditional way of grinding pesto with a mortar, or pestle. Nowadays, it can also be made with a food processor but if you still take the time to make it yourself, use a mortar for a more aromatic pesto.

Only the finest ingredients and purest flavours are used in all Bertolli products. This is also reflected in Bertolli Pesto alla Genovese, a delicious pesto that can be used in a variety of recipes. Try this pesto in a marinade, as a salad dressing or on toast. In addition, this green pesto is very tasty in pasta dishes, such as in a recipe with prawns, tomatoes, peppers and rocket.

Bertolli was founded in 1865 in Lucca, Tuscany. Francesco Bertolli and his wife Caterina opened a delicacy shop after which they began exporting Italian products to Italian migrants around the world. To this day, Bertolli aims to make all the good things from authentic, simple and delicious Italian cuisine available to everyone.

A versatile green pesto, merges the most delicious flavours of Italian cuisine.
Prepared with basil, Italian cheeses, pine nuts and olive oil
Can be used as a marinade, dressing or as a spread on bread
Inspired by Italian recipes
With a touch of extra virgin olive oil.

per 100 gram

Energy1807 kJ (437 kcal)
Protein6,5 g
Carbohydrates14 g
Sugar10 g
Fibre0,8 g
Fat39 g
Saturated fat6,2 g
Salt3,2 g

Ingredients: Basil 30%, sunflower oil, Italian cheese 10% (Grana Padano PDO¹ (contains lysozyme from egg), Pecorino Romano PDO¹), cashew nuts, dextrose, extra virgin olive oil 4.5%, salt, garlic, maltodextrin, potato flakes, whey powder, pine nuts, acidulant: lactic acid, basil extract. ¹ Protected Designation of Origin. May contain traces of peanuts and nuts.

Recipes for Pesto alla Genovese

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